In Case You Missed It (5/25/14 – 5/31/14)

Top 10 Articles of The Week:

  1. “The Myth of the Unhappy Pagan” by Phil Moore
  2. “Too Scared to Cry: Social Media Outrage and The Gospel” by Russell Moore
  3. “How To Prepare Youth To Endure Hostility” by Mark A. Howard
  4. “Serving families in Christ” by Jessica Souza
  5. “How Not To Lie In The Pulpit” by Liam Thatcher
  6. “7 Benefits of Going Through Hard Times” by Mike Altrogge
  7. “Is Believing Abslolute Truth Narrow Minded or Intollerant” by Rob Lundburg
  8. “The Pastoral Necessity of Name Calling” by Andrew Wilson
  9. “Gallup: Gay Sex, Divorce, Extramarital Sex Reach New Heights of Moral Acceptability” by Kevin Ekstrom
  10. “Why Does God Want Us To Have Resurrected Bodies” by J. Warner Wallace

Bonus Articles (Too Good Not To Include):

Notable Videos:

Quality Audio:

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