In Case You Missed It (5/18/14 – 5/24/14)

Top 10 Articles of The Week:

  1. “Should I Be Content With My Singleness” by Betsy Childe
  2. “8 Ways To Comfort The Suffering” by Evan Welcher
  3. “Why the Name ‘Jesus’ Means Very Little” by C. Michael Patton
  4. “How (Not) To Be Secular” by Mike Cosper
  5. “Satan’s Lies About Prayer” by Sam Fenery
  6. “Who Is Jesus According to Other Religions” by J. Warner Wallace
  7. “5 Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Winning” by Kevin Eckstrom
  8. “Was Christ’s Death Divine Child Abuse?” by Jason Helopoulos
  9. “Top 10 The Lest Popular Books of The Bible” by
  10. “God is Not Logical” by Barnabas Piper

Notable Videos

Quality Audio:

Books Worth Reading:

  • “Evidence for Christianity: The Historical Evidences for the Christian Faith” by Josh McDowell  –  This +700 page monster of a text is literally packed to the brim with wonderful evangelistic material. The book is unique in that it is written in a hybrid form of a lecture outline and a manuscript that is easy to follow as well as reference.  The book still reads like a traditional book, but the style in which the text is laid out makes it extremely easy to refer back to if you need to go back and find a point made by the author, which I appreciate.  I’m not finished with this book just yet, but I’ve very much enjoyed everything that I have read so far. This may prove to be my favorite book as far as Christian apologetics is concerned.

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