In Case You Missed It (5/4/14 – 5/10/14

Top 10 Articles of The Week:

  1. “On Taking Offense, Being Evangelical, and Hanging With Sinners” by Matthew Hosier
  2. “Same-Sex Marriage and The Future” by Russell Moore
  3. “Why Believe that There Is A God” by Gregg Boyd
  4. “9 Things You Should Know About Prayer” by Joe Carter
  5. “5 Observations about Younger Southern Baptists” by Trevin Wax
  6. Jeremy Clarkson, UKIP, and Why Racism Is Not Simply a Black and White Issue” by Tony Ward
  7. “What Do You Mean By ‘Have Faith’” by Erik Raymond
  8. “Can We Trade Sexual Morality for Church Growth” by Russell Moore
  9. “What A Very Stupid Salad” by Andrew Wilson
  10. “The Church Is For Messy People” by Stephen Altrogge

Bonus Articles (Too Good Not To Include):

Notable Videos:

Quality Audio:

Books Worth Reading:


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